„ My  name  is S. Javzandulam , was  born in the Zavlhán aimag  . My grandmother  had  a herd  of  yak. In my  child  memory remains since the roundish  goureges  black eyes of the  yak calf. Remember  grandmam  gave  me the  baby of the grey yak to my own. It  was wonderful and  very excited  ebeny  for   me I have kept gratitude  and  respective sence  since then.Therefore I asked  my   brother –painter S. Dashdemid to  draw that  memoriable yak   and  decided  to establish  it on our production  label and wanted  to  multiply  and  deliver  it  to the  people. That   was  a crucial  moment  to deal  with  yak wool  „. 

UUJIN  has been  opearting  with  the  superior  quality of the source/raw  materiáles .This high quality wool is  created in the mongolian beatiful  mountenouse  nature  with  its  strict  continental  climate  .Geographically  it  concern  to the western and  north western  territories of Mongolia. The  main  part  of  the source we are  provided  by the  herders and  the  other   cooperations of  the  herders of  Zavlhán  aimag. Zavlhán situated  in the center of the  western  territories, there  winter  time continues longly and  on  several  parts it  reaches  up 45T °and  consider one of the most  cold wet  region .

The  specifications  of  the yak  wool   from  such  region  are °

  • the ability  to save the warm is high so  the it  krepe  the  same the  body  temperature
  • the  lengh  is  Langer  so  makes the  luxurior  soft  touch sence 
  • the own  weight is ligher so  it  provides light  garment  usaje
  • the  air  circulation  is good  enough  for  being steamless  and nonadhere  garment
  • the stout  quality makes wash care easier  

The advantages  of  the UUjin production are

  • Harmless for the environment and to the people technology  is completely  provides all  standards  for  health secure  requirements
  • 100% pure wool
  • With natural  colorship
  • With exausted design  and  workmanship