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to leverage the power of corporate volunteerism to create change in our communities. CSC members include more than sixty of the world’s largest and most successful companies.
“We are thrilled with the opportunity to deepen our relationship with Bank of America. Through Bank of America’s generous support together we have been able to help low- and moderate-income households achieve financial stability through the creation of the Financial Opportunity Corps,” said Neil Bush, Chairman of Points of Light.

 “We are pleased that Kerry Sullivan, Foundation President will be leading the effort for Bank of America. She is the ideal leader for this team given her expertise in the field of charitable giving and proven track record of creating access to educational opportunities for underserved populations.”

The announcement comes as the dynamic leadership term of Cliff Burrows, group president, and his team at Starbucks comes to a close.  “On behalf of the CSC membership and Points of Light, I would like to personally thank Cliff Burrows and the team at Starbucks for their leadership of the Corporate Service Council. It’s a great moment to connect individuals to service in order to collectively create change in our communities,” said Sullivan. “I look forward to working with the entire team to amplify the dialogue and impact of service.”

Estimates show that at leading organizations 30% of all employees volunteer on annual basis. “There is tremendous potential in today’s most successful and innovative companies to harness the talents that have helped them achieve commercial success in order to address the most critical societal issues we face in the U.S. and across the globe,” said Sullivan. “The Corporate Service Council gives us an opportunity to work together as leaders in the corporate sector to help deliver high-impact volunteer service that will result in stronger communities, neighborhoods, schools and nonprofits around the world.”