„Knitting  yak  wool  garments  need  easy   care.“

Care  instruction  and  general  items

1.Hand wash

  • The wool  and  cashmere   necessary hand  wash in the  warm  water 20°t  with  speciál  powder and  detergent   
  • It  must  be washed   gently forcing   without  squezing
  • Dry it cleavering up
  • Steam ironing   inside  out   is  adviced

2. Machine  wash

  • Wash  seperately  from the  other fiber  clothes
  • Choose  the proper to the  wool  fiber  regime  of  the  wash programm. Eg: Gentle  wash, Hand wash, Wool
  • Do  not  use  the  squeze and  blow up  with  high  temperature air dry  regime

3. Dry clean  is possible

As soon as you try our  products please  remember  next items:

  • Do  not  keep  the  product  on  the  direct  sunshine. It  protects   to  safe   the  original  colour  from  nature, against  withering/ bleaching
  • Please  use   the moth  protection  in  your wardrobe  with  wool  garments